Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poetry (ahem ahem) for a change

Remember Fatty of the Five Find-Outers (Enid Blyton) and how he used to make up poems at the drop of a hat?? As it turns out, it's not that difficult after all, if you're sufficiently vetti, and have a fellow jobless freak to egg you on to make up 5th-standardish poems (as in, poems written, not read, by 5th grade kids). Presenting Whose Chat Is It Anyway, courtesy rip van and naren.


9 said...

Vand tolme about this post
And this is fun utmost
im a better word jugglar i wish
naren is as good as 'feedin the fish'

..two and half mins to frame that :( :P

Oink said...

i had just made up some crap
but blogger turned it into a trap
when i tried to post it here
i found it nowhere near

meaning : this stupid blogger returned some sorta error when i tried to post my pro 4 line poem comment :P and i had already forgotten what lines i had typed, so this is the result :(