Monday, January 28, 2008

ज्ञानं परमं बलम्

A few days ago I was reading this one ebook, Hacking for Dummies, so as to get some sort of footing for a Quark event. Anyway, the introduction made for pretty breezy reading (cos it was all in plain English). Which is when decides to inform us that he's made a bunch of Foolish Assumptions (yeah, it's actually titled that) about the readers,and apologizes for it too. And Foolish Assumption no. 1 is that I'm familiar with basic concepts of computer-, network- and information-security-related concepts. Arghh. It said Hacking for Dummies, for crying out loud, how much plainer could I get?? I dunno the first thing about networking and security and crap except that I can't stand this McAfee Security Centre on my comp now. And no, don't ask me why, long story.
There isn't a single topic I know of in Wikipedia, whose explanation does not include several links to other (possibly) new, related concepts.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it just makes me realize how interconnected soo many things are, and how little we know no matter how much we know.
The ocean of all things unknown makes me feel so small, so insignificant, so full of wonder. Behind anything, everything we use every single day, things we don't even think about, from a toothbrush to this laptop, is a story of a myriad minds and hands, from the ones who conceived of the idea to the independent efforts of so many others in implementing it, to bring it home to us, ready to use.

Guess it's the Quark spirit (and the Techfest spirit and the Pragyan spirit and god-knows-what-other-college-fest spirit, except those spirits are all second-hand for me) but it's a time to pause, cherish and savour this unending quest for knowledge that sets us apart as a race.

When you leave behind the studying-for-exams factor, you just have to appreciate any science for what it is. Any subject.

The whole wide world is just.. so.. grand.


Vidya said...

hey its so much fun to jus navigate from one page to another related page in wiki when you have nothing to do.. its my saturday afternoon timepass :) .. theres so li'l that we kno! the ignorance doesnt bother me all that much, one cant possibly know everythin, can they? nice to learn even nicer to apply stuff u learn somewhere (like bin pirates :P ) n nice post!

fiddlesticks said...

Yeah I love that wiki page-hopping too :D Damn right one can't know everything - heck, we couldn't even begin to grapple with what 'everything' really means! Yo, we'll get some certs for bi p, just have to 'keep up the good performance' ;) Hi5, pardner!

Full Of Life said...

More than the Wiki, I like the Uncyclopedia. Its a take on wiki...I dont have the link now. The articles there make me laugh so much, I have tears in my eyes. N yea, ignorance doesnt bother me too. But these events are sure a loooot of fun... :)
You feel like an engineeer at last!

Oink said...

i think i read this post at the wrong time. these things are so interestin to ponder about , this vast universe and how small we all are .. wrong time, wrong time ! ( t1 startin tomoro )

Ravemzsdin said...

I got the same feelin after readin "HACKing for Dummies" LOL
but i think d author is rite.. its fr Dummies.. those who cmplete d full buk r dummies.. nd dose who will nt read will b pro some