Thursday, March 27, 2008

tch tch

Midsem ppt and report for COP due in a day. Both yet to be started.
T2, the current next time of ‘I will do better next time’, in the near future. Disturbingly near. Preparation - zilch.
Lab tests in analog and eiit shortly thereafter. ‘Nuff said.
Ditto PSOC project. Whatsit stand for again?
Project hunt for 4-1. What, who, what?
Placements next sem. Silence.

And yet, all I could think of as anita agarwal was teaching dual slope ADC was which color recycled paper to use for my college-memories scrapbook. :/


Vidya said...

lol so typical you! :)
and its ok, even i think abt such stuff in analog class in case i do attend! :P

Full Of Life said...

hehehee..which colour have u decided btw ? :P
Its perfectly normal to think of such things in class and ive noticed the mind strays more when you have too much work at hand. Enjoy the outings! :D

RaSh said...

Wow amazing blog!!

We kinda do similar things in bio lectures... making Flip Books, cartoons, or randomly giving missed calls to people who are sleeping in the lecture :D

Hope to see more posts! :)

Oink said...

and u still havnt decided .... i think more analog lectures u shud attend :D

Vidya said...

what colour now? :/ n there are no "analog" pics for u 2 make a scrapbook na? :P

fiddlesticks said...

I have 4 sems' worth of analog pics! And I have a good mind to make analog some of the nice digi-ones as well. Ha! 0.0 Color not decided.. Will take a digi-pic of the analog scrapbook and show u all if/when it's done, my good ppl..Till then, patience. Oh and your inputs too :P