Tuesday, June 10, 2008


There was once a blogger called rip van

who, interestingly, was not a man.

She thought and sought

to outdo the drought,

and they gathered her ashes in a dustpan.


codename_047 said...

hmm... out of things to say??? or do u choose nt to say things..nyway nice to c som activity atlast... u culd call it the pheniox blog!!!!

codename_047 said...

nd wth does go figure mean???

RaSh said...

Rip eh? So soon?
And yeah wats wid Go Figure (Go Figure the title?)

I was hoping the post will be something longer than that :P

Sudarshan J said...

Rest in peace,
She says with so much ease,
Little does she know,
that we are asking for more,
Don't shut this blog,
and leave us searching in the fog,
But if you indeed decide to do so,


Oink said...

rip ? do that, n u will rip ( rest in pandemonium )

fiddlesticks said...

@c47 and rash -
Yo rash, go figure it out is one interpretation! Others include:
It's kinda like a cross between wtf and amazing (sarcastically).
Kind of like "surprise, surprise" and is usually used to register ironic happenings.

Courtesy: Yahoo Answers
Check it out yourself for a more complete understanding :D http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060818151809AAPXm3X

fiddlesticks said...

@naren and oink -
Rest, as in hiatus! Teensy break, until the block lifts :)

codename_047 said...

so "go figure " means go nd figure out eh... whtevr it is nice tht it is abstract.. leav it to the imagination!!!

RaSh said...

Referring to Yahoo Answers for meaning of "Go Figure".


Anyway waiting for another post.
Come on!

Full Of Life said...

rofl nice one!!!

Marlin Jar said...

The brain somersaults.