Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Face off

What would the world be like if everyone said exactly what was on their minds all the time, if the internal censors disappeared? If we stopped filtering out the uncharitabe thoughts and blurted it all out without a care? If we throw caution to the winds and went around calling people the names we’ve always longed to instead of pretending they don’t get on our nerves when they so do? I’m reminded of a poem we had in 12th, Once upon a time by a Gabriel Okara, about people wearing masks all the time, saying things they don’t mean and pretending to be nice simply because society expects it of them. But yes, what if it werent so? Sounds good? I dunno. Agreed, it would be a huge relief not to have to plaster phony smiles on our faces, and act pleased to meet people we wish lived light years away. And how liberating it would be to give some prize jerks the much-talked-about piece of our minds, and be done with it.
But that’s precisely the point – would we be done with it? The world would then be a much more open and honest place, certainly, but more unpleasant too, surely? Because it’s just not possible to do away with less-than-perfect interactions and exchanges. Like it or not, we will continue to have to live with playground bullies, know-it-all classmates, annoying team-mates, nosy relatives, grouchy colleagues, unsympathetic bosses. That being the case, which is better – open hostility or fake pleasantry?

I’m not trying to sell an opinion here – heck, I don’t even really have one. All I know is, I’m quite a many-faced person myself (yech, that sounds truly horrible, like I’m some mythical monster and a big hypocrite as well). Honestly, it’s not a trait of mine I’m too crazy about. People have such diverse, even contrasting opinions about me, that sometimes make me wonder just what I really am like.

Maybe we’re just programmed to come up with reassuring answers to disconcerting questions about ourselves, or maybe it’s just me, but I’ve temporarily managed to keep the nagging doubts at bay. Same system, different input --> different output, right? So same situation, new person would still classify as a new situation, wouldn’t it? Little wonder, then, that I react differently to different people, that they carry different impressions about me.

As for the real me, that’s still a tough one. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to answer that. Maybe Staind had it right, and inside we’re all just the same, ugly.

I realise I’ve digressed quite a bit, and that no real conclusions have been drawn, but who cares. This is not Section B.

It’s okay, after all. I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re all okay. (repeat)


9 said...

very well said!!..not pretending ;)
forget how to “laugh with their hearts”.. its ok wen someone says 'lol' on a virtual chat.. but irritatin wen actually talkin.. wonder how bad a joke i tried.. laugh out u ugly teeth fowl mouth fella..

Full Of Life said...

yeah...very true. Agree with you totally. In fact this theory about how people are masked all the time, keeps me occupied as well.

But yes (im warning u right now I plan to give a long comment :D), I prefer to be honest. In this world of fake-pleasantry, I choose the brutally honest way. I know I have made a lot of friends due to that quality and lost so many more, but hell I dont care. There are a handful of people whom I REALLY care about and whose opinions matter to me. I prefer reacting truthfully coz at-the-end-of-the-day one feels true to himself. Pretence is something I can never do and I believe shouldnt be done. I am treading a very thin line between being untactful and honest.But again, its all about knowing what to say and where! but yes, we are all differnt and react in a varied manner to what is in front of us, but an honest opinion is something everyone craves for in the end. I love giving that.Its all up to you in the end to choose to behave the way one likes, but it should at least leave you happy and peaceful.
PS: Heck dont think so much. Sleep :P
PPS: This is almost a post in itself!! Coudnt resist writing :P

Full Of Life said...

omg Staind! ( it does make a very good example here but still \m/ :P )

fiddlesticks said...

@ 9 and fol - thanks! the comments means a lot!!

Oink said...

hmm i wonder what trigerred this post :P
on another note, i do agree that we have to put up masks according to the situation. dunno if it would exactly fit, but im reminded of the 'when in rome, be a roman' saying. and theres nothing wrong with that, if u ask me,
in fact, blurting out the truth all the time is quite an appaling thought, think of the chaos it would create ! ( theres this scrooge comic i read some aeons ago, about this alien tree landing in his backyard with juicecans as fruits, wich tasted quite nice too, until they found out it was some kinda truth serum, wich made ppl tell only the truth. created chaos to an extent that the tree was ripped off by scrooge himself, inspite of the money making machine that it had turned out to become)

fiddlesticks said...

lolol.. thanks, that makes me feel better than u might imagine! as for the trigger, hmmm.. keep wondering :P

Oink said...

seldom it is, that people feel better n drop dead ( im of course referring to the dead blog ) :P

Vidya said...

i agree 100% :P