Friday, July 13, 2007

ceeri-ously alright

the last post was soo glum and gloomy, with all the whining and complaining, that i feel compelled to write another, cos it just wont do to end the ps chapter on such a dismal note. plus, on this side of ps, everything does seem ok after all. and no, its not the comments that have driven me to re-write the ps recap, i was simply waiting for it to be formally and completely done with, when i knew i'd feel fully positively about the whole thing, when i knew i'd look back and laugh. am jus sorry i dint do enough of it already, so here goes-

first and foremost, the whole course sure was some experience. in fact, the disappointments and drudgery of it all make it that much more worthwhile. life aint easy, and its never too early to get used to it. so in that respect, i guess im happy to have got my first real taste of the proverbial big bad world out there.

right from the ''this is not your college'' comment by some csir guy, in our very first week, cos we were leaning on the parapet wall, up to the seminar question round that i took so much offense at, for some reason - its been one big roller-coaster ride, dramatic though that may sound.

yes, ive done more than my share of whining, and thanks to everyone whos been patient enough to put up with it all - bk, who was simply bewildered at how much of a pessimist i'd become overnight; hbk, who, for all his non-sympathy (''u got your first choice?? then u have NO right to complain'') is still much better a counsellor than i give him credit for; gdk, with his lolest suggestions like wearing a sari to impress the scientist, who would always make out his bitsunami to be even worse in comparison; and everybody else for everything!

be it the ox-like, not-much-thinking-involved work i was inclined to believe i was doing, or the strict adherance to organizational timings expected from us( not that we completely followed it - my lunch breaks extended from 1-3, but that, i think, was the only lapse) , or in general, n ra's uncompromising principles on following the rulebook, word to word - it all simply added up to a new way of life for a month and a half.

as for the travel that seems to be the ubiquitous reason of complaint, i never did hate it so. on the contrary, i enjoyed the ride around the city (which most ppl found specifically annoying), at least i got to know my singara chennai(yes, i know ur bah-ing now giz! arrghh!) so much better, thanks to it (ya, any1 who knows me fairly well wil now be wondering how bad i mustve been to begin with :D). and all this from a person who lost her wallet with atm cards on the very day she was reflecting on how she had succesfully nearly completed over a month of public transport and managed to keep her belongings safe!! oh, to think some1 mustve flicked it even as i was blissfully congratulating myself - a tragic comedy, if i say so myself.

and n ra really is a nice guy, quite a rare species - havent met someone that sincere in a loong time. honestly it makes him quite of of step with the rest of the world. he's already told us thrice to simply forget the whole bus-stop incident (''please erase it from your databases'').

and well, if it hadnt been for venky, i bet i wouldnt have learned one bit of what i have now(which, i confess, isnt much, but still). and he did have a flair for talking. big deal if he would only look at the others as he spoke, i was listening anyway, n it was good timepass all the same. and his expectation-time curve finally turned out to be a U. i hope. kinda unsymmetric, but still.

oh boy, im sure gonna miss ascendas :P

nice ps mates, all of them. we may not have had a ps-trip to ooty or watever ( i highly doubt my parents wouldve lemme go anyway) but hp-5 on the last day of ps is good enough :D (i quite liked the movie btw, ob cant hold a candle to the book, but nevertheless good attempt).

yoyoyoyoyo PS1 IS OVER!!!!!!!!!

couldnt resist that last one :P i did mean everything i said before!

alls well that ends well. fillosofical eh?!


Vidya said...

yoyoy ms!! love this one.. me also kinda sad(or am i? well, im more confused than sad!) tht ps is o'er!! me also gonna blog 2mrw frm home-sweet-home!! to each her own... this is my phrase of the month (actually 2 months..!!).. cya in goa!!(sighhh!!)

ps-this comment has too many exclaimation(is this spellin rite?) marks!!!!!! :)

Vidya said...

oh btw i kno chennai MUCH better than u or bk!! yoyoyyo!! i can find my way out to most placess.... this gives me so much satisfaction, knowin a place i mean!

ps- yoyoyo seems so apt for everythin these days!!
pps-v clicked pics with nra too :D n ya d treat was nicee.... our table contribute to 40% i guess (of d bill)

Oink said...

Its highly probable, u know, that a junior who mite come across ur blog will be inclined to think that two persons write this blog.
nice title once again :P

vandith said...

this is the optimist in u out thru ur keyboard..... did u say bye to the pessimist of the previous post??? mast post... now u mus b think of ur ps only after it got over... as i said b4 yeah life hotho aisi.....

fiddlesticks said...

@oink - lol ya, bit of a volte face there :P

@ pk dharu - aye aye optimist is back for good!! :D

Full Of Life said...

hmm..quite a contrast to your previous post. Well, Im glad now u r seeing the sunny side of things. Enjoy the rest of the hols...!!