Saturday, March 14, 2009

:P atience

Eons since I blogged, I know. What can I say, any guilt I may have felt about letting this space rot has usually been compensated for by the full, full time I've been having here. New city, new life, new people, new lifestyle.. let's say I've been too busy savouring all the newness to record the feeling here :P

New post (proper one, I mean, not an excuse of a post, an excuse for no posts) coming up real soon, though, so hold your guns, oink, and watch this space :P

Thanks for your patience, see ya soon! 


Oink said...

:P atience and :P atients seem to be the order of the day (house md,
:P ardon my unrelenting mention of it) !
:P s : ur industry is accounting, eh?
:P (this ones the real ':P')

RaSh said...

* :P ats *

So wen's the :P ost coming?

fiddlesticks said...

:O ink - I did not follow the accounting dig!

RaSh - Now!

Oink said...

Oh, no real spectacular reasoning involved :/ . Ur profile page has accounting as ur industry.

Vidya said...

you stole my smiley